Brave Brewing Co.

Brave Brewing may be the newest brewery on the row, but everything feels polished, poised and purposeful. Their large covered patio is a warm and welcoming space even in the rainy throes of winter. Long tables let you meet with old friends, and the benches that circle the fire pit are great for making new ones.

Inside you’re greeted by a half dozen intimate booths that always seem to be home to those that have made themselves cozy in the company of others. The main taproom is warm and inviting, with spaces made for mingling.

With a philosophy of ‘crushable’ beer, everything on the menu is crisp, clean, and refreshing. All the beer is served up by a cohort of kind, passionate, and friendly bartenders. It’s easy to feel good while drinking beer, but with Brave’s commitment to 1% of their profit, product, time and equity to support local non-profits, you can feel good about feeling good.