PoCo Brothers / The Cat & Fiddle

While often overlooked when talking about the breweries of the Tri-Cities, PoCo Brothers have carved out a name for themselves with the Cat & Fiddle Pub. A lively hotspot for music, sports, bar games, pub grub and good times, the Cat & Fiddle is a great place for a beer, a hangout, and plate of wings.

Filling the niche in the market for ‘cheap and cheerful’ (and I mean that as an absolute complement), the Cat & Fiddle provides a great, sociable hangout spot with decent beer, decent food and friendly staff.

The Cat & Fiddle has the largest patio around, different areas of the expansive pub for watching TV, chilling at the bar or enjoying a good pub meal – essentially something for everyone. If you’re not looking for anything fancy, but you are looking for something reliable and a good time, head on down!