Taylight Brewing

Nestled just between the PoCo Trabulay Trail and the Mary Hill Bypass, it’s easy to accidentally miss Taylight as you cycle the well-trodden path, but that would be a mistake. Taylight has a charm that is warm and welcoming. The small taproom is all about the beer – you walk in to a view of the beer fridge, the tap list, the brewery and, apart from a few simple tables and chairs, that’s it. 

The tap list itself is as colourful as it is varied. With a base of strong staples, Taylight don’t mind going off the rails to find new and interesting flavour combinations.

With friendly staff and customers, Taylight is definitely a place you can call in for a brew and end up chatting away to a complete stranger.

Their dog-friendly patio gets a ton of sun in the summer and makes a great pitstop for any PoCo trail-related activities.