The Parkside Brewery

True to its name and situated next to the beautiful Rocky Point park, this classic brewery lies at the heart of brewery row. In the summer their patio juts out into the eb and flow of a beautiful Port Moody day inviting all those that pass by into their welcoming garage doors.

Just as you can always count on seeing an old friend and at Parkside, their beer offerings are much the same. Always refreshing and clean tasting, their range of classic styles makes Parkside an easy choice to catch up with an old friend (be it human, beer, or dog). And if you get hungry – the thriving food truck eco-system that calls the row home can cater to all taste buds.

You can’t mention Parkside without bringing up their warm, welcoming staff – be it at the door, behind the counter or pouring beer, the staff at Parkside always seem keen to do what they can to make your day that much better (as if the beer wasn’t enough).