Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

A long standing stomping ground for the locals, there’s always a bike group meeting after a long ride, a running group catching their breath and re-hydrating, or a birthday party – beckoning in people from all corners to celebrate over a delicious pint.

Walk all the way to the back (stopping by the bar to pick up a beer or two) and you’ll be treated to a lush and spacious back patio – being one of the few Southern-facing outdoor spaces on the row ensures sunshine late into the dog days of summer.

Like that faithful dog that’s always there for you, you can always find your favourite Dog classics on tap, but this one can learn new tricks and complement those classics with a great of rotating taps and house made seltzers. And if you find you’ve accidentally stayed out past dinner time – the parking lot outside always has a couple of delicious food tricks to chose from.