20Km – Minnekhada Loop

Watch out for bears!

Looking to explore the dykes and take in some wildlife at the same time? Then this is the loop for you!

A completely flat, 20Km loop taking in some amazing vistas of Golden Ears and Minnekhada High Knoll along the Pitt River. The gravel trail is a comfortable-enough ride for this to be tackled on most kinds of bikes.

Simply head north until you run out of gravel at the corner of Victoria Drive and Cedar Drive. Out of the small parking lot at DeBoville Slough, hand a right and immediate right to rejoin the gravel trail and taking it through to Minnekhada Regional Park. Eventually you’ll take a diversion away from the Pitt River, towards the centre of Minnekhada itself. While you can continue on into the park, for this route you’ll turn left down the very straight pathway / road that runs between the park and the neighbouring blueberry fields (this is where the bears are!). Keep following this straight path until it becomes Oliver Rd, then becomes Cedar Rd and will eventually take you back to familiar territory at DeBoville Slough. Head back through the small parking lot (washrooms are available just 20m further down Cedar Rd if needed) and back onto your gravel path all the way home!.

This map shows a start point along Dominion Ave. If heading to Tinhouse, stay on the PoCo trail and just look for the signs!